A Nice and Simple Apartment

When I was assigned a temporary position at Andrews, I knew that I could either live in the housing that was offered to me or I could look at 1 bedroom apartments in Forestville MD since it is just a few minutes drive from where I would be working for at least the next year. While I did appreciate the offer of housing from them, I did not want to be surrounded by the people that I work with all day long. I wanted to have some privacy as well, which is why I decided to go ahead and look at the one bedroom apartments nearby.

I did not need anything fancy because it really was just a temporary dwelling for me. I just wanted it mainly so I could have my privacy away from work. I wanted to be able to just relax and not think about work again until the following day, which would be near impossible if I was living right next to the same men and women that I work with. I was able to find a nice one bedroom unit at the Parkland Village apartment complex, and it really was the perfect answer for me.

What I liked best about it is that it is in a gated area, and there are not a lot of extras there. I have lived in apartment complexes that have a dozen community amenities for residents. This is nice if you are going to enjoy using all of them, but it is just an added expense for those of us who do not. The only community amenity this complex has is a playground, and that is something that I can definitely live. I actually won’t mind if this ends up getting extended because I have found that I like living here a lot!