A Slip on the Ice Isn’t Nice

I ended up at a Philadelphia chiropractor because of course I did. I’ve lived in Philly all my life and I understand why many of my friends moved to warmer states when they got as old as I am because the weather here is brutal in the winter. There’s always ice and of course when you are elderly slipping and falling becomes a thing to fear. I’ve fallen before, but my most recent fall was the worst. I was trying to cross the street and didn’t see an ice patch and that was all it took.

I’m sure it looked funny. I did the whole feet over the head thing and landed at an angle that violently wrenched my neck. The pain was intense and immediate. Fortunately a couple of nice people helped me up and got me to the curb. I somehow managed to make it back to my apartment before calling an ambulance. The doctors at the emergency room said nothing was broken and that I’d likely feel awful for some time, but I would come around eventually. That’s why I ended up at the chiropractor because I definitely wasn’t all right. I was in agony and could barely move my head.

The chiropractor winced when I explained my fall and was very sympathetic to my pain and injury. He explained that the fall likely caused a spinal compression that, unless alleviated through various adjustments, would become more painful as time went on. He set up several appointments for me and I dutifully showed up for all of them. The first adjustment was painful, but the subsequent ones actually felt marvelous. I noticed marked improvement immediately, and almost total relief by the last visit. I’m lucky as I could’ve broken my neck. Needless to say I’m more careful walking around in the wintertime.