Almost Ready Start School Again

It is a really easy thing to talk about, but of course in the real world things never go to plan. Jeannie and I have been looking at apartments, hoping to save a lot of money by living together. Of course she seems to be really nervous about it. I am as well, but not as overtly as she is. You have little problems getting along with another person so long as you limit your exposure to them. When you get tired of them you make an excuse and go home. If you are sleeping in the same bed that is a different thing to try. You have to figure out if things are going to work out. In fact I never really expected things to last this long, since I am a sloppy person and she has a cleanliness fetish. It is like that old TV show with the guy from Quincy. At any rate she has started to make rules.

I have to clean up after myself or she is going to throw me out, in fact she got her name on the lease so that she could get rid of me if I do not follow the rules she has set. I am not really sweating that, because I do not think she will get rid of me until after the semester is over. The main reason she wants to save money so badly is because she is very close to graduating, but only if she takes on a really big course load this semester. So she needs to quit her job working at the restaurant and focus completely on her studies. To do that she needs to spend as little money as is possible and also get some money from her Mom and Dad, all of which stresses her out.