Following an Intense Training Plan

For the upcoming marathon, I wanted to have a little more speed, so I got in contact with a strength and conditioning coach to help me work my muscles. I had already done some work to build my muscles, but I only know so much about which exercises can be used to get the optimal speed and power that I need to outrun all of the other competitors in the marathon. The marathon isn’t a walk in the park, as it last for many miles, and if you want to have any shot of passing the finish line in first place, you need to put in the work, or else you’ll be casually walking across at the end with all of the other casual joggers and light walkers.

The coach had me do some drills where I would run back and forth and run between obstacles to make me faster and increase my reaction time. He had a tire setup similar to what the football players use when they want to do some training in the off season. I had to place my feet inside of the tires while moving down a straight line at high speed. I also had to do some quick turns where I would move in place and shift and rotate. I like those because they keep me moving.

The marathon will happen in just a couple of weeks, and I feel that I’m going to beat all of the other people. There are some serious competitors, but they haven’t had the same kind of training that I’ve been doing. I’ll be sure to pace myself so that I don’t expend all of my energy at the beginning of the marathon and leave nothing for myself at the end. There will be water stations along the way, so I’ll be able to rehydrate myself.