Had to Find a New Chiropractor

I was really having a great game and it was not that surprising, since all of the other guys were coders from this start up. They were all trying really hard, but none of them were any good. Of course the idea is to have some fun and get a workout, but I like winning. It is more fun when you win, although in this case they soon stacked the odds against me, all the guys who could play got on the other team. I needed to find the best San Jose chiropractor after it was done, not because they were any good at basketball, but because they were really bad at it. I had the rebound and then two of them came and jumped over my back. Of course one of them was a really large guy, although only around his waist. The two of them together were big enough to really hurt me, although I never went completely down to the ground.

I kept playing the game, but I knew that my back was sore. So when I went back to my place I was quick to get a heating pad. I alternated between that and an ice pack all night long. However it was pretty stiff when I got out of the bed. It took me about twenty minutes to get it to loosen up, by that time I ended up being a couple of minutes late for work. Of course it was probably not really that much to do about the basketball game, but instead it was just an accumulation of hundreds of other things like that. I have had to go to chiropractors a few times in the past, all from incidents related to playing basketball and football. In particular from a bad hit when I was in college.