I Am Running Errands for My Uncle’s Boss

Of course I need some money, I want to get a car that does not stink. The one I have is not going to last that long and it is really not going to impress the ladies so it is not that great of a car. For this work I have been borrowing this old pick up truck that my uncle uses to pull his boat on the weekends. At any rate his boss has been looking for Denver luxury real estate and he is going to need a new place because his wife found out something that my uncle and all of the people who work with already knew. He has been running around with a woman half his age who has been driving around in a new Jaguar that belongs to the company. In fact the accountants had been talking about this for awhile, since they knew the company had a Jaguar XKE convertible that none of them had ever seen. Then they started to see it on occasion and they would see a very attractive younger woman driving it with the boss.

At any rate I am going around looking at some places and measuring the time between them and the place where he works. The guy is looking for a place that he can buy, but of course when you are in the midst of a divorce things like that are complicated. In this instance the wife is pretty obviously looking for a taste of revenge. It is a big thing for him, but for me I am going to be happy if he finds a new place. I used to mow his yard and do all of his yardwork, but his wife got mad because she wanted me to spy on him. So I need him to get a nice yard.