I Finally Decided to Try Acupuncture

I was not really sure what I was getting into and you can bet that I closed my eyes when the doctor started to mess around with those long needles, but I finally tried acupuncture for my back. It was about the last thing that I tried out to help me with it. I went to this place a friend of mine suggested long zhong tang tcm clinic . Of course TCM means traditional chinese medicine and so that means that they do a lot of other things as well. I am not sure that I am really all that concerned about the other stuff though. It is not as though I am very dissatisfied with other aspects of Western medicine and I have no other serious issues which I could think about using other methods on. I do have this problem with my back that goes back to my senior year at the University of New South Wales.

At that time I was a huge sportsman and I was always doing something on the pitch some place or another. The incident with my back happened in a huge rugby scrum, and probably had a bit to do with the fact that this was the sort of game where there was a keg of beer on the center of the field while we were playing. It definitely was not a very serious game and I think that the huge guy who hurt me must have drank about half of the keg by himself. It is the sort of thing that pops up about once or twice. I definitely do not think about it as much as I should, because I can do these weird exercises that are supposed to make it better and I usually quit doing them when I am right.