I Found a Good Deal for Me

Of course I needed a place to stay while I was going to school and I was trying to figure out some way to save money. I needed a job too, because like most people I have to eat and so forth. My grants are not going to cover things that I need. I was really lucky when I chanced onto this place that belongs to a chiropractor in Mesa AZ. In fact it had belonged to his grandfather and the place is sort of a wreck right now. I just met him because he needed someone to help him clean up the place and move the stuff out of it. It had about fifty years of built up stuff in it and the place needs a lot of work. At some point I asked him how much he would charge me to rent the place from him. He was surprised that anyone would want to live there, but I pointed in the direction of the campus. It was close enough that you could have seen it if you were standing on the roof.

I could walk to my first class in the morning in ten minutes from this place and I figured that he was not going to charge me much for it. He asked me if I knew how to paint a house and I shrugged. There were ladders out in the garage and I figured that it was something I could do on the weekends, although around here you really want to do that sort of work early in the morning before the sun gets too high up in the sky. We worked it out so that I do the work he needs to have done on the place, or at least the stuff that I am able to do.