I Get a Lot of Compliments on My Smile

I knew that my teeth looked bad, and I honestly was not sure what could be done for me. My front tooth was chipped, I had stains on all of them, and there were a few that were crooked. I was even missing a couple of teeth, which meant that I rarely smiled. I felt very unattractive, and it really affected every part of my life. I had a chance meeting with an Aurora cosmetic dentist, and that changed my entire life. What I thought was hopeless turned out to be the opposite.

I could not believe that I even had this chance meeting, let alone with someone who was compassionate and understanding. He told me to make an appointment with his office and we would start with an examination to see exactly what all was needed to get started on giving me the smile he knew I could have. I do admit that I was afraid to go through with this for a number of reasons. I did not want to be disappointed if nothing could be done. I did not want to go through a lot of pain. I did not want it to cost so much that it was not affordable to me.

I surprised even myself when I showed up at my appointment. I was very nervous, but they made me feel comfortable and at ease right from the start. I had X-rays done as well as a cleaning, and then my oral examination started. The good news is that it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The exam was over within minutes, and the consultation on what to do did not take very long either. He wanted to tackle one problem at a time. The chip was fixed first, then he dealt with the crooked and missing teeth. The last thing was the whitening. This took about two months total, but that was mostly because of my work schedule. The end result is that I smile every day now, and I love all the compliments I get.