I Go to a New Nail Salon

When my friend asked me to go to Orchard nail salon, I told her I have my own salon that I go to. I only go every few months to have my nails professionally done, but I have always been happy enough with them. She told me to come to at least keep her company then, which I thought would be fun since we could go out and do something afterwards too. I was prepared to just go and watch, knowing we would talk when we could. Something different happened though when I went there.

The atmosphere was so different from the nail salon that I used to go to. Yes, that is past tense, because I fell in love with Orchard as soon as I walked in. The entire look, the staff, and even the smell was just super pleasant, and I decided right there on the spot to have a manicure done too. I figured if I am going to be sitting there while she gets her done, then it would not be a waste of time. I did not feel guilty either, since I am usually loyal with the vendors and stores that I visit and use.

It is hard to feel guilty when Orchard is just superior in every way. At my old salon, I did have a lot of choices for my nails, but they were not anything like the choices I have here at Orchard. I can go for sexy, sultry, fun, playful, and everything in between. Since Christmas was coming up, I had glittery snowflakes done, and they looked absolutely amazing. I received so many compliments on my nail art, and I even directed a few of my work colleagues to Orchard because they wanted something similar. This is a case where I am glad that I changed services even though I was happy enough with the old one!