I Got in a Little Crash

I was not in my car, but instead I was driving this car that belongs to my boss. He is a big time car collector and he had these people working on a car for him, so he drove me down there and I drove his car back. I was not doing anything when the accident happened. The boss was right beside me at a light, acting like he wanted to race me. Then someone ran the light and another car hit me trying to avoid him. A Denver cosmetic dentist is going to have to fix my face up. This car is a 1973 Chevelle Super Sport with a 398 cubic inch big block V8. It was built a long time before air bags were thought up and I was eating that steering wheel before I knew that I was in trouble. At any rate that is the main thing that I have to worry about is my knee, because the doctors are not quite sure they have fixed it right.

I am hobbling around with a walking cane right now, but for a bit I was on crutches and when I was in the hospital they would not even let me do that. They were moving me around in the bed at first and then they made me use a wheelchair, and it was not as though there was anything that I could do beyond complain about it. It was not that bad, except that I really hated it and I hated not being able to chew my food. That is a big thing, although it is not like I hate it when they give me a milkshake. Those are really good if you did not know, but when you have nothing else it starts to get a bit old.