I Have a Very Exciting Job Right Now

It has been going really well for me although I suppose that I am a well paid and well armed babysitter for the most part. It is a lot more exciting and better paying than the job I had doing Asheville tree removal. Legally I can not say anything about who I work for or what they do probably, but I doubt that you would know who they are. It is just another rich person, although a really rich one. One day I was sitting around betting on NFL games on a couple of betting sites, it turns out that I do fairly well at this and I had been making decent side money from it. This guy I had last seen in Afghanistan called me up, although I have no clue how I was tracked down. I am not anyone you might want to pick a fight with, but this is the last guy I would start pushing towards the edge. Again it is better if I not say much about him either.

This lady met me out in the desert near Las Vegas and my friend took a AR-15 carbine out of his trunk. He had me field strip it first and then I showed her that I could shoot. That really is not much of the job to be honest. So far all I have done is drive this adorable little girl around and sort of be her pal. She shows me off to her friends and tries to embarrass me by calling me funny nicknames. She tried to get me to wear the earpiece things that the Secret Service agents in close protection wear. My friend has been giving me classes in the sorts of things I should know if things really got real, mostly about driving this behemoth that they are in the process of building, a massively heavy bulletproofed SUV. That was when I realized why he had wanted me. I learned how to drive a lot of things in the Army, and most people think I am very good at it.