I Have an After School Job

It is just temporary and I am not sure how long I am going to be able to do it. I am a part time helper for Singapore with a place that does cleaning. I am working after the local businesses close. We show up around five or six in the afternoon and then we usually work until around midnight or so. The guy that I am helping works all sort of hours and I would like it if I could get the pay check, but I do not expect that it would be much fun. Of course since I am young they do not let me work as many hours as it would take for me to earn the type of money I would like. I get around twenty five hours and then they tell me to go home and I have to do what they say. In fact I am going to need to save all of the money that I make. Once I get started at University I am going to have no time to work and I will need money.

It is going to be a good thing for me though. My girlfriend is already there and her parents have money, so I am going to mooch off of her where it makes sense and I do not feel too much like a parasite. She is going to move out of the dorms there and get a place of her own near the campus, but the parents are not going to let me live there. I do not think they can catch me if I just spend the night there about four or five nights per week. At least that is my plan, but I am going to have to study a lot as well, my course load will be very difficult.