I Just Started a New Roofing Job

I have been going to school at nights since I got back from overseas and left the US Marine Corps. It is pretty simple what I have in mind, I want to get a degree in computer science at some point. For now I have gotten a job working at a place that does Brooklyn roofing repair service. For now I am not really doing too much brain work. They pretty much made me the sidekick to this old guy who knows about all that there is to know about the work. Of course like a lot of old guys he is pretty beat up and the physical part of the job is in his rear view mirror. So instead of doing the hard toil part of things he has me do it for him. The two of us drive around in this beat up old Ford pick up truck. He tells me what I need to do and I do it, but in fact a lot of the time we just look at things.

That is pretty much the key to this whole business I suppose and for the most part him and I go around looking at the places we are supposed to work at. He has a yellow legal pad and he goes around looking at things, while I try to figure out what he sees. Most of the time I am pretty bewildered by it all, although some of the time is pretty obvious what is messed up. If the job is really small he tells me how to do it, but most of the time he writes down stuff and then he gives the customer a quote to tell him what is going to cost them to get the roof fixed. It is easy for him apparently.