I Need a Place Across Atlanta

The move was rushed, because I had to get out of my place in a big hurry. I had been sharing this place with another guy I had known most of my life and I had always known that he was a real hothead. He and I always got along, but he is the sort of guy who can fly off the handle with rather little provocation. That is more or less why I had to look for a new Tucker GA apartments to live in. I was there when it happened and the other guy was obviously being a big fat jerk. YOu could say the other guy started it perhaps, for whatever good that does now. It was a fair fight and he was winning it I suppose, but when the cops came Eddie kept right on pounding on the guy. Then he was a jerk towards the police officers, enough so that they called it resisting arrest. Obviously when you get locked up for anything that costs you all sorts of money and Eddie has been down this road before. He obviously learned nothing from the other time that they locked him up. Then he lost his job.

For me it is not really that bad, because my name is not on the lease. I am the third person to share the place with Eddie and he is not really on the lease. However the landlord has already decided that they want me gone. I am guessing that they intend to raise the rent for whoever moves in after us. At any rate the location is not much good for me now. When I moved in it was okay, but now it is about twenty five minutes drive to my new job. That means on some days I am spending an hour in my car, which gets old.