I Needed Help Getting out of the Trouble I Got Myself into

Working with a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer was a last resort, but an important decision to make. I had been in denial for ages, and I could not fix my situation on my own. I tried, and despite the fact that things were getting worse, I kept trying. After a year of denial and collectors chasing me down at every turn, I had to admit the inevitable about my situation. I had been trying my best, but I needed to admit that I would not make enough money to get caught up and fix my bills. I had already caused a lot of damage to my credit and not declaring bankruptcy to stop it from even more damage was hurting me every single day that I didn’t do something to stop it.

Having never had anything in life that caused me to be in the hospital, I was naive about anything happened to me. I wanted to try to save money so I cut corners wherever I could. I would sometimes go without car insurance, but then would start paying for it again as soon as I felt I had saved enough money. I also let my health insurance lapse on several occasions. I had neither of these things when I was found at fault for a major car accident that landed myself and the other driver in the hospital. As my medical bills grew, I soon found out that the other driver was suing me personally because I had no car insurance that would help with his bills.

Ignoring the situation when I got out of the hospital worsened things. I then threw myself into getting a second job to try to pay as many of financial duties that I could. It was not even close to being enough. Getting help with going bankrupt is the only option that I had left. There’s no telling what would have happened if I didn’t do something about it.