I See My Chiropractor in Sacramento About Once Per Month for My Tune-Up!

I never liked being in pain. I know people that kind of embrace it and run with it. They use it as a motivator to push even harder. My brain tells me that if it hurts, stop what you are doing you moron. However, it can stop me from venturing out again after the pain starts to ease, because I do not want it to come back. When my back acts up, I can be out of commission for days or even a few weeks. It wasn’t until visiting a chiropractor In Sacramento that I started to feel much better for much longer periods of time.

I did not have much in the way of any structural abnormalities or any disease process going on in my spine that was the source of the pain. I had some arthritis and the early stages of some disks in my back going bad. However, I could do things and get my back hurting so bad that I could not even sleep or even put on my own clothes. I remember struggling for 10 minutes just to haul myself up out of bed one morning, and I am only 10 pounds over my ideal weight. I just had a bad back. The first few adjustments at the chiropractor in Sacramento made all the difference for me. As the pressure was taken off of the nerves in my back, I started to have much less pain.

It was like beginning to turn down a dimmer switch that was set on full from the first visit. I could feel the intensity lessening with each visit. It was not long before I could do the stretching and other exercises on a daily basis. It was not easy, but I did it. Now, a few months in, I do not even have to see the chiropractor but maybe once every month or so. I call it a tune-up. I am just glad the pain is gone.