Immediate Relief for a Nagging Back Problem

I’m a furniture mover by trade. It’s a tough job and one that virtually guaranteed I’d be looking for a Campbell chiropractor at some point. All of my co-workers have been to a chiropractor, many multiple times, and the fact that I hadn’t been to see one since I started working here two years ago became both a running joke and also made me sort of a legend. I used to give everyone grief that I would never have to go because I used proper form moving heavy objects. I also made jokes that more of them were prone to gravity than I was since I was lighter.

The dreaded day came though as I knew it would. I forgot my belt at home and decided I’d just gut through the job. Unfortunately the home had some very heavy pieces. The bookshelf that caused my back injury was a monstrous old antique, really fancy but really heavy. This wasn’t a piece made out of pressed wood like modern furniture. I think it was oak. Anyway I was helping wrestle it down a flight of stairs when my foot slipped and I felt something in my back shift at an uncomfortable angle.

Sure enough I’d knocked my spine out of alignment or something. One of my co-workers laughingly drove me to his chiropractor, chortling the whole time and talking about how the legend was over. I didn’t care about that as much as I cared about finding some relief from the aching pain. It really hurt. The chiropractor said he needed to do some realignments and he also stretched my body this way and that and I have to say I felt pretty good walking out of there. I still needed another visit and a week off from work, but I’m back at my job with little discomfort.