It Took Us Awhile to Find a Condo That Fits Us Perfectly

My husband and I had been hoping to move to a nicer place for many years, but we weren’t sure which area of town to choose. Then, we saw an ad about a New Futura Condo that was up for sale. We took a look at the photos of the interior of the condo and it looked amazing. That got us curious about the rest of the building. It turns out that it has amazing views, a swimming pool and so much more.

We are not picky people. But we do like nice things that don’t cost a lot. So, while we had seen a lot of decent places around the city to purchase, none really caught our attention for a long time. We really wanted to move a year ago, but when we didn’t find something that caught our attention quickly when we first began looking, we did not stress about it. We just figured that it would give us even more time to really find a place that we love. We also realized that it gives us more time to save money. So, we have been trying to get more serious about it and sock more money away.

We went to visit the New Futura building and were blown away. We felt comfortable as soon as we walked inside. It’s modern and really nice looking inside. We ended up looking at one of the condos on the 7th floor, and we found the view from the living room window to be outstanding. The place that we have been living in for years has a really unappetizing view. When we open our window, we find ourselves staring at the back of a nearby building. We decided to put in an offer on the condo that we just took a look at.