Life Will Be Changing for Me Very Soon

My family has been very close as far back as I can remember. But sometimes I think that my family is too close. All of us know each other’s business, and sometimes arguments occur more than I would like them to. So, I have made the choice to look at an apartment for rent in Mcdonough GA that I can live in with a roommate. The change of people around me will do me good. I had been planning this for about a year or so, and I know that it is the right thing to do.

Some families have the ability to be very close to one another and everything goes smoothly. My family is close, but I would say that a lot of my family members are immature. They have a flair for drama. As someone who’s an introvert, I need lots of quiet time. I don’t do well with drama or histrionics. For the longest time, I daydreamed of living alone, so I decided to do it. There is no use just thinking about things when you have the ability to follow through and make your daydreams a reality.

First, I found a roommate. A friend at work had a roommate who needed to find a new place to live because my friend was going to be moving out of state. I had a roommate interview with her, and we hit it off right away. So we have been out looking at places that we can live together. She is quiet like I am, and she’s in school. So I think that she won’t be any trouble at home. I need this break and quiet time away from living with family on a day to day basis. We are looking forward to living together and getting to know one another.