Making the Move to a New Life in Marietta Georgia

After years of hesitation, I finally took my sister up on her offer to move from the cold of Wisconsin to the warmer climate of Georgia, where she had been living for several years. I had secured a great new job and next up was to check out Ashford Retreat apartments so I could move out of my sister’s guest bedroom and finally have a place of my own.

I had spent all of my life in Wisconsin and once my most recent relationship ended, I needed a break from the same old routine and nine months of winter every year. Georgia seemed like a great compromise and the thought of such mild winters was more than appealing to me.

Living with my sister did have some perks. She is a great cook, which would be fine if not for the fact that I had already gained ten pounds since I started camping out in her guest room. She is convinced that everyone is hungry all of the time and everyone is simply too thin, myself included. Living with my sister for the first time since we were in high school also showed me that we were now two very different people. I love her, but I can only stand to watch so much reality television programming before I hit my limit and I had hit my limit months ago.

The apartments at Ashford Retreat would still have me within a couple of miles of my sister’s house in Marietta, but also far enough away that I could enjoy a bit more of a social life on my own and hopefully also close enough to a workout facility to drop the pounds put on from my sister’s cooking. I am also considering renting a two bedroom place so I can have space for a home office and park a couple of pieces of workout equipment there too.