My Husband Was Accused of a Sex Crime

When a woman accused my husband of rape, it turned our lives upside down. I knew without a doubt that he was not guilty of the crime as did all of our friends and family members. However, the charge was made, and the legal process had to take place. I knew that the courts could not just take our word on his innocence, so I hired the best Los Angeles sex crime attorney possible. I did not want our family lawyer to handle this because it was not his area of expertise. He is the one who recommended the attorney that we did use, so I knew that the firm was a good one.

When we explained everything to his lawyer, they started their own investigation immediately. The woman who accused my husband had a very convincing story made even more so by the fact that my husband was in the same building she was in at the time she said the rape happened. There was video evidence of the two of them in the same building, and there was also evidence of her leaving the building in a very distressed manner.

The law firm that we hired used seasoned investigators who were able to determine my husband’s whereabouts in the building when the rape did happen. My heart goes out to the woman because she honestly did think it was my husband, who was a stranger to her at the time. She did not know that a cleaning person was also in the building and was actually the culprit. The law firm was able to determine my husband’s innocence and the charges were dropped before it went to trial. We have also befriended the woman who accused my husband, and we are going to support her throughout the trial that is coming up in a few weeks.