My New Retail Store Had No Heat when I Went in to Open for the Day

I opened my own clothing boutique in New York City three years ago. I am not doing as well as I would like to yet, but I am also no longer scared that I am not going to make it. Every month, my bottom line looks better and better. That is why I was in a near panic not long ago when I was getting ready to open the store for the day, and I could not get the heat to turn on for me. I immediately went online to find the company that does commercial HVAC in NYC.

I still had a couple of hours before I was due to open the doors, but it was already so cold in the store since the heat had not been running all night. This would not have been a big deal if it was September, but it happened in December, which is usually pretty cold here in the city. When I explained my problem to the person who answered the phone, she assured me that she would send someone right over. I just hoped that it was a simple problem that would not require me closing my store for the day.

The furnace is a forced air system fueled by natural gas. I remember seeing the prior owner’s gas bills when I bought the building. I never saw heating bills like that before as I never owned any commercial property. This was all new to me. I was glad that it was just a broken sensor on the furnace system that made the system think it was running too hot. The gas would not come on because of that. Once the sensor was replaced, I felt heat coming out of the ducts. I am so glad that the plumbing did not freeze because there was no heat since yesterday when we closed. The repair was inexpensive, and that is very helpful right now.