One Place for All News About Him

President Trump is always getting coverage on the news for everything he does. Even places that you wouldn’t normally expect to talk about politics are talking about Trump. The major news sources focus on the big headlines on what Trump is doing, but I want to know more about the other things that don’t get as much coverage. I figured there was at least one source online for all the Trump news out there. While many websites have Trump related news, they’re scattered all over the website amongst other news stories. I needed a website that would compile all of the news about Trump and give it to me in one feed.

You can find a news aggregator for just about anything that exists. There is always someone who is dedicated enough to either spend their time posting all of the news about a particular topic, or genius enough to write code that will crawl the web for this topic and put it all in once place for readers to conveniently see. In the topic of politics, it’s especially easy to find aggregators because so many people are interested in what goes on with the government and its elected officials.

When I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, I check the news feed for anything about Trump. Sometimes I get a good laugh out of the news, and other times I can’t do anything but simply shake my head. One thing is certain, and it’s that this four year term will be one that people will never forget as long as they live. Everyone will be affected by it in some form, either directly by policies and actions passed by the government, or indirectly as their family and friends feel the impact of new laws and legislation.