Prepared Me Well for a Job in the Music Industry

Thanks to a design school in Singapore, I’m well on my way to a career in the challenging world that is the music industry. I tried for a few years to break into the field because I grew up playing a couple of instruments in a few different bands, but my heart wasn’t really in standing behind a microphone. I wanted to sit in the recording studio and work that angle. I think it’s more challenging and there is just something about mixing tracks and making something that might be mediocre into a real thing of beauty that appeals to me.

The problem with getting that type of work is that you’ve got to have experience. It’s not enough to learn how to mix on a simple machine because studios are far more complex and require a lot more knowledge. Also, it’s expensive to use these studios and no one wants someone who doesn’t know the machines sitting there wasting valuable studio time. I learned I could go to school to learn how to use these recording studios and gain valuable insights into how the whole thing works. I just needed to find a school and get accepted.

Fortunately, that is exactly what happened when I got into a design school in Singapore that teaches all aspects of the music business. There are a lot of very talented people attending this school, and the people teaching you are all professionals who have spent thousands of hours both behind and in front of the microphone. The program is challenging in a good way in that you realize very quickly that you’re learning the ins and outs of the business and that you will eventually land a coveted job in the industry. I can’t wait to get my career moving forward and put into practice everything I’ve learned here.