Pushing Myself and Being Creative Has Helped Me to Have a Better Work Life

When I learned that my wife was pregnant, I was scared at first. As a stay-at-home wife, she had no money coming in. I didn’t feel that my job would keep the two of us and a new baby afloat. I got a second job as a part time cleaner in Singapore that same week. I figured that I should start trying to make as much money as I could so that I could put it in savings for the new arrival that would show up within just 9 months. However, taking that second job turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me when it comes to jobs because now I own my own cleaning company.

Everyone has always told me that I’m a really hard worker. Not only that, but I come up with good ideas wherever I have worked, too. Good ideas that help employees do their work more efficiently helps the company they work for to make more money. When I started as a cleaner, I saw all sorts of things that could be fixed to make the company run more smoothly. So, on top of doing a good job at what I was hired for, I often sat with the boss and shared my ideas for the company, too. He told me that he was really impressed with me.

I had originally planned to stop working my second job after the baby arrived, but things turned out a little differently. My boss came to me one day and said that he had been planning on retiring and leaving the business to his son. However, his son was not interested. He asked if I would be interested in buying the company. Thankfully, I didn’t have to buy the company outright. I have been making payments to him over time, and now I run the company. I was able to ditch the full time job that I originally had, and now I focus on a a company that allows me to afford a better life.