Science Careers Are Very Popular

There is a high demand for people who graduate from college with a degree in science. Almost any specialty in the field of science is in demand. There are a lot of companies that are funding research and development to come up with the next best treatment or development. I believe that things like physics tuition is a great investment because that is a class that you can transfer into any other program. I wanted to talk to my local schools about what kind of careers are available in the sciences because I am a recruiter for many science and technology companies. Young people are so busy looking at their phones and not looking up once in a while that they have no idea what is out there for them. I want to tell them that they have their entire lives in front of them and that they can retire while they are really young if they go and invest as soon as they start working.

I like to see the looks on the kid’s faces when I show them how much more money they can make in the science field than going out and playing on the stock market. I do not know if it is because they are given so much and they do not have to think on their own, but many of them do not understand the value of a dollar. I think that if they had their phones taken away and even looked up to have a conversation that they would understand more of the world and how it really works. I fear that a lot of them will not have much once their parents are gone and I wonder what will become of them if they do not even know how to save a dollar or two.