See the Sea from Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s most exciting, exotic destinations. Millions travel there each year, but only a chosen few arrive via private yacht. Now you have the opportunity to join this favored group by booking a yacht rental through http://bayesianwitch.com (Category: Travel/Leisure). Imagine sailing into Singapore Harbor aboard a fantastic superyacht, or maybe something a bit more modest, then dropping anchor and preparing for a run ashore as others look on enviously. At night your boat is lit from stem to stern, music playing over the waters as you party the night away, and in the morning all is calm and serene as you hoist anchor and sail quietly out to sea, sipping coffee as the sun rises over the amazing scenery.

There is a wide range of fabulous boats available, suitable for any price range or travel plan. You can book a yacht for a luxurious day cruise, finding a small island and dropping anchor to swim and sun – or perhaps you’d like a longer voyage of weeks or even months, working your way through the array of islands and spectacular destinations all around Singapore. Your rental can include a fully trained crew with a professional captain, gourmet cooking and the finest wines, or something as simple as a small boat and a picnic lunch. You choose, you enjoy, you create lifelong memories. You are the captain, and you chart the course for your boat to follow, taking you wherever you will.

The sea is calling. Answer, and live the life you were meant to have. Come and visit Singapore, see the sights, shop, dine and party, then recharge aboard your yacht, ready for another day of fun and excitement. You only go around once, so you might as well do it with class and style, aboard a glamorous yacht.