Simple Fix Gets My First Dishwasher Ever Running Perfectly

When my husband and I started looking at homes a year ago, I told him the only thing I really wanted was a dishwasher in the kitchen. Yeah, I actually wanted more than that, but that was high on my priority list. We purchased a home, and it had a modern dishwasher along with several other appliances. It was the first time I had one, so I was very disappointed when I noticed that it was leaking water. I looked up major appliance repair in Sacramento on my computer because I did not want to go even a few days without it.

I knew that I could not use it until it was fixed because it was just creating more work for me if I did. It was still getting the dishes clean, but it was also getting the floor wet. It was not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I still wanted it fixed as soon as possible. I called Fix-it-Rite, and they told me they could send someone out that day. I had somewhere to be, so I was relieved when they said the following morning would work for them as well.

They asked me a few questions about the make and model of the dishwasher and what the problem was. When the technician showed up the next day, he came in with a rubber seal and a clipboard. He opened the dishwasher, and saw tears in the rubber seal where the door closed. He said he figured that was what the problem was when he heard about the call, and he just grabbed a new seal for our dishwasher before he left that morning on calls.

He replaced the seal and ran the dishwasher. It usually starts to leak a little as soon as the wash cycle starts. Now it was dry as a bone. We even put a few paper towels on the floor under the door of the dishwasher to see if it dripped at all. It didn’t! It was the seal, and it was now fixed. Yay!