Started Looking at a Nice Place Near Plano

I have been thinking getting moved in a new place today. Anna Beth and I have been started looking at a nice place near Plano and we really like it a whole lot in theory. Of course it is good location for Her, as she is going to be teaching really close by and for me it is not that important where I live. We are going to look at the Reliant energy rates in Plano to compare them to what we are getting here now. Of course it is really nice piece of land and I like it a whole lot for a couple of reasons. For one thing there is a pretty nice sized farm pond on this land and it has a good many fish in it. I would not mind at all having a place to fish right beside of the house. There is plenty of land to hunt around here too.

I was sitting out there and I could see deer sign all over the place. I would guess that they might get scarce if people started to hang around a lot, but I could see that you could probably set up a deer stand out in one of those fields and have a a really good chance at getting a good buck. Of course I like to hunt with a 10 gauge shotgun and a deer slug. So you have to be able to get a pretty clean shot at fifty or a hundred yards if you want to have much success hunting like that. It is obviously a lot easier if you use a high powered rifle, but I never saw that as being too much of a challenge and it seems you should give the deer something of a chance to me.