Still Enjoying Our North Beach Miami Apartment Two Years Later

We decided to rent a place in Florida for a year before committing to moving there. We were keeping our house, and we decided to live in an apartment in the North Beach area of Biscayne Bay starting in July. We figured that if we liked the summer in Florida, then we would definitely enjoy the warm winters. We looked at apartments for rent in North Miami Beach and decided to lease a place at Treasures On The Bay. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to luxury apartments right at the water’s edge of the bay in the North Village.

We come from a place that was landlocked and got cold in the winter. Last summer was so cool where we used to live that it left us really wanting the warmth by the time winter rolled around. I crave the sunshine and seeing the water every day. Every vacation we have taken has been to a place with a large lake or at an ocean. My wife enjoys boating and wants to swim every day. Back where we came from she had a membership at an indoor pool to swim during the winter months. Now she has three swimming pools that are at the edge of the bay where she can swim in great weather year round.

We rented a one bedroom apartment that has a great view of the bay. Surprisingly, it has a full and also a half bath. Not too shabby for a one bedroom apartment eh? Everything about our place is upscale. We have stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, we have a washer and dryer and the closet space is quite ample. There is also indoor bike storage. That is so convenient to have as we both have high-end bicycles, and we do not have to take up space in our apartment to store them. We liked it so much form the first day of moving here that we are still here two years later.