The Great Feeling Home Spring Cleaning Brings to Us

Even in tropical zones we have a winter season. It is cooler than our summers, and we eat more and wear slightly heavier clothes. We put on weight and feel a little more lazy during the shorter times of daylight. When the spring comes again we eat lighter, work on our summer bodies and clean out the accumulated junk in our homes. We use a company that does spring cleaning in Singapore to get the job done right at our house.

It is easy to throw stuff out, but cleaning from ceiling to baseboards and wall to wall is not so easy. We want every nook and cranny gone over. We want the appliances pulled out and cleaned behind in the kitchen. We want the carpets and the windows cleaned. We want every cabinet and drawer emptied, cleaned and reorganized. The company we hire that does spring cleaning in Singapore helps us get the job done efficiently and effectively. We don’t even have to lose a precious day off from work.

We thoroughly enjoy the feeling of a deep clean of our house that even includes the air conditioner vents. Nothing is left without being cleaned from the window blinds to the back of the toilet tank in the bathroom. Every photo on the wall and every knick knack on the shelves is cleaned too. I like even being able to go into our junk drawer in the kitchen and having room for some new stuff I get as the year goes on. We get rid of accumulated magazines and other junk too. We even have our summer season clothes laundered before we start to wear them.

It would be a daunting task to do it all ourselves. The extra help from the company that does spring cleaning in Singapore is a real benefit to us and very much worth it.