The Sport of Mixed Martial Arts is Getting Ready to Take over Europe

Football, or soccer as the Yanks call it, is without a doubt the number one sport in the entire world. Although football enjoys a huge level of popularity across all areas of the globe, it is particularly popular throughout Europe. In European countries, fans live and die with the success or failure of their favorite football team. As far as Europe goes, football is the number one most popular sport and everthing else is a distant second.

Although football will remain the top sport in Europe for the foreseeable future, a new sport is growing and beginning to see an incredible rise in popularity. Featuring amazing action and excitement, mixed martial arts, or MMA, has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Already established in Japan, with Pride Fighting Championships and K-1 events, and the United States with The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization, mixed martial arts is truly becoming a globally popular sport and is seeing its popularity skyrocket in Europe. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has held a number of MMA events in a variety of European countries, including Great Britain and Germany. One of the most popular fighters competing in the UFC today is Brit Michael Bisping, and there are a number of other up and coming European fighters under contract.

MMA fight match-ups are held either in a ring or a cage. The UFC holds matches in an eight sided caged called “The Octagon.” MMA fights typically consist of three to five rounds of five minutes each. A fighter can win by knocking out or submitting his opponent. The referee will stop a match if a fighter is not intelligently defending himself. It can be extremely exciting watching athletes of different backgrounds competing against one and other. A kickboxer may be fighting a wrestler or a karate practicitioner may find himself matched up against a jiu-jitsu fighter. The sports fast paced action and unpredictable nature have made it beloved by younger sports enthusiasts. One day, MMA may be considered to be one of Europe’s top sports.