Things Are Going Okay for Me

I have sort of been taking advantage of the situation to be honest. I lost my job about nine months ago, but I am making more money to be honest. I am still getting unemployment benefits and I have sort of been doing other jobs without telling the IRS what I am doing, that would not make much sense. My father has a landscaping trailer, an extra pick up truck and a nice mower so I mow yards for cash. A guy I know does tree removal in Hendersonville NC and when he needs help I will do it, although obviously I want to get paid in cash. Of course he does not mind that either. Of course I do not climb the trees with a chainsaw, but I am pretty good with a chainsaw on the ground and I know how to sharpen blades and how to keep one of them running right.

The big thing is not any of that, but the fact that I have a girlfriend who seems to be rich. At least she seems to own her house and have enough money that she can let me slide upon all the stuff that makes it really hard to get by when you work for a living. So I am living rent free with no bills for power or such. I pay for food, but not all the time. My truck is ten years old with a lot of miles on it, but I own it and my insurance is not that big of a deal. I could probably make the down payment on a new truck if it were not loaded, but I suspect that not having a paycheck to show them would be a real problem. Those guys want to see a steady income for making payments regularly.