Using Internet in the Country

When I married my wife, she wanted to move to the country to be closer to her parents. Her parents are pretty old and my wife wants to be able to take care of them whenever possible. Her parents weren’t willing to move to the city. Living in the country required a big adjustment on my part. Due to the nature of my job, I can work from home, but that requires a stable Internet connection, which isn’t something that you usually find in the country. Luckily in the country area of Tennessee Hughesnet has pretty good Internet service that can rival some of the city Internet providers.

Thanks to the technology of satellite Internet, I can have Internet access way out in a rural area without the need for lines to be run to my home. It’s a pretty clever setup that I thought wouldn’t have worked as well as something like a standard DSL line. I get pretty decent upload and download speeds over my connection, which is necessary because I sometimes have to send and retrieve files from remote company servers. I also sometimes use video chat to talk to other people I work with, and to my own family members back in the city.

It took a while for my wife’s parents to warm up to me, but eventually they did. They thought I was just another city slicker who couldn’t handle country life, but I proved them wrong. We get along pretty well, and sometimes they come over to our house for dinner and movies. I use my satellite connection to load a movie online and they’re always amazed at how we don’t need to use tapes or DVDs to watch the movies. They’ve seen it plenty of times before, but react as if they’re seeing it for the first time.