Using USB Drives That Look Like People

I have nearly 50 people working in my company. The turnaround is very low because it is a great place for them to work. I know that sounds arrogant on my part, but it is just the truth. I have worked for enough people in the past to know the type of boss I want to be. I want to be fun yet fair, and that is an easy combination for me. One of the things that I like to do is have giveaways like the personalized flash drives that I gave to all my workers last month.

I needed to order flash drives since my workers need to be able to transfer information quickly. I had originally just looked for the flash drives on a local office supply store’s website, but then I decided to have some fun with it. Instead of giving them just a standard, and very boring, black flash drive, I went to a company’s website that specializes in unique flash drives. I had no idea that they came in so many different sizes and shapes as well as colors, and I was intrigued from the fist look at this website.

Some of the flash drives came in unique shapes like keys while others were in the shapes of pens or wristbands. Some were made of metal or plastic and others were bamboo or rubber. The rubber USB drives are the ones that fascinated me the most. They came in the shape of people, teeth, bones, cameras and even people. I liked the uniqueness of them, and I went ahead and ordered the ones that look like people. All you do is pop his head off, and you have your flash drive. When I gave them out, everyone had a good laugh, and it is good to see them using them every day.