Vinyl Flooring Looks Just As Good As Other Flooring Options

I wanted to have new flooring put in my kitchen. I thought I was going to go with wood flooring, but I was shocked when I got a free quote on how much it would cost to lay it down. My kitchen is just average sized, so I was expecting something much lower in cost. My neighbor suggested I look at vinyl flooring for kitchen floors, so I went online and did that. I was very surprised at what I saw when I started researching the pros and cons of getting vinyl flooring instead of the wood flooring that I originally wanted.

The main difference is the price. The wood flooring was definitely outside of my budget, but the vinyl flooring was less than expected. Even if I had the funds, I am pretty sure I would have went with the vinyl flooring after seeing it because it looks really nice. It does look different than the wood, but it looks equally as nice in my opinion. Also, the maintenance is much different. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and I do not have to use anything special like I would have had to use for a new wood floor.

I am so glad my neighbor suggested that I look at this because I would have probably not gotten a new floor at all with the cost of the hardwood floor I had first wanted. I had a company come out to install it for me, and it was done the same day they came out. I love how different it makes my kitchen look, and I suspect that I am going to end up redoing some of the flooring in the other rooms of my house just because of the low price and luxury look of the vinyl flooring in my kitchen.