We Have Gotten Settled in Here

It did not take that long for us to get up here, but we were both really concerned about driving through the desert in that old pick up truck. It has a real tendency to overheat under normal conditions and we are not driving through normal conditions at all. At any rate we took along a cooler full of ice and a bunch of milk jugs full of water in case we had the need for either. Before we left we searched for nice apartment for rent in Las Vegas NV. The place we found was expensive, but obviously it is not nearly so bad when you split the costs two ways. We start school next week, so this week we have been having as much fun as you can have without blowing the money we have saved up for the semester.. Of course when we picked this place it was because of the pool and the fitness center, but they also have a movie theater. This is what they bill as a resort style pool and it is really really nice. We have already met some girls there.

Last night we bought some steaks and grilled them out on the lawn. They have some gas grill here and of course we used them. It is going to be the last steak either of us shall see for a little bit. The money is going to last only so long and we will have to be disciplined. Of course when you are at college there is a limit to how much money you are going to be able to earn, but tomorrow we are both going to start looking for part time jobs. I have a good deal of experience in kitchens, and there are plenty of cooking job in this city.