Why I Love Living at Country Shores

I found a really fantastic apartment in Kingsport, and you can click here if you are looking for one too. My friend is actually the one who told me about it, and I am forever grateful to her for that. The thing that jumped out at me first is the serene location. It is not far from anything I could possibly need, but it looks so private as well. I love how I can look out my windows and see nature everywhere, and the sunrises and sunsets are just indescribable because they are that beautiful.

Country Shores has more going for it than just beautiful scenery and a great location though. It has the typical amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center, and there is even a clubhouse where neighbors can meet up and have fun. Those are really nice features too, but it still wasn’t what really drew me there. Like I said before, I like how private everything looks, and that is a feeling that translates into the actual apartments too. They are open and inviting, but it isn’t like any other apartment complex I have ever lived in, and there have been several I’ve called home in the past.

What I mean by that is when I go inside and close my front door, I don’t hear anything. I can’t hear my neighbors yelling at their kids, or kids playing really loud outside. I know that probably happens here, but I have not heard it like I have in any other apartment I have been in in the past. I love just being able to retreat into my own world in my little one bedroom apartment, and then have nice things to do right outside my door when I do want to come out. That is why I love living here!