Why Performers Go out of Their Way to Look Good

I started singing when I was very young. I got very good at it. When a producer offered me a recording contract, he sent me to a coach that was going to build the brand that they wanted me to become. It was a whirlwind of change. I got a crash course in what the public sees when they watch a singer perform. They look at everything from your teeth to your skin and the clothes you wear. Every little nuance of movement also has meaning. I was sent to an aesthetic medical clinic for Singapore to get the puffiness around my eyes fixed as well as the dark spots removed. They even fixed some large pores and some slight acne scarring that I had. I was amazed at how it improved my looks.

The coach showed me the necessity of it with a video of a star he keeps on file at his office. He showed me a singer who a lot of people know on a big screen TV. The ultra-high definition camera was zoomed in on the singers face. You could see every pore and hair follicle. The brilliant color showed even the slightest yellowing of any tooth. When the singer opened wide for a big note, you could pause and see the singer’s dental work on the molars. It was then that I got it. It was then that I figured out why performers go out of their way to alter their appearance. You just need to find the right balance between looking naturally good and looking artificial.

I found the way to look naturally the best that I could without any fake look to me. I did not do any contouring of my features or filling in my lips to make them look bigger. I did have skin and dental work done, and I got a real expert to do makeup and hair before I go on stage where there will be cameras.